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Is childcare or early learning unaffordable or inaccessible for your family?

Do you know anyone who has left the workforce after having kids because “after the cost of childcare it wasn't worthwhile to continue to work”?  Or because they couldn’t find affordable quality care?

The cost of quality childcare – home care, day care, after school care and vacation care – is a key issue for Australia’s working families and for working women in particular.

And of course it's a big issue for our kids.

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BREAKING NEWS: We have just begun a new survey to understand your CURRENT VIEWS on Parenting and Work: what really counts when it comes to childcare, paid parental leave, early learning and more.  Click here to tell the pollies what you really matters to our communities.

To:  The Hon Kate Ellis MP, Minister for Early Childhood and Child Care

       The Hon Julie Collins, Minister for the Status of Women

       The Hon Jenny Macklin MP, Minister for Families and Community Services

Dear Ministers

The cost and availability of childcare and early learning is a big issue for Australian families and is having a serious, enduring and cumulative impact on family budgets, the careers of Australian women and the development and wellbeing of our children.  

I’m asking you to:
  • expand existing childcare rebates and support to include not only day care centres but also in-home care and out-of-school hours care, providing greater support and choice for Australian families
  • increase the level of childcare support by Governments, recognising the real cost of care has risen significantly and needs to be addressed to give parents the financial incentive to return to work
  • simplify the processes for parents to find quality childcare and receive childcare benefits, including exploration of potential benefits of tax deductibility of childcare.

This will legitimize the cost of care for working families and carers in Australia, providing true choice to families on childcare options, and remove a significant structural barrier to full workforce participation for all Australians.

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"As a father of 2, my wife and i both work to afford to pay the mortgage and provide for the family. the financial burden of child care to give us the working flexibility is huge" - Simon


“As a parent and tax professional I'm appalled that our tax system does not ackowledge the necessary connection between earning assessable income and childcare costs which are undoubtedly a necessary pre-requisite to women taking up employment. The current tax treatment denies women the opportuinty to be both successful professionals. The rebate scheme channels many children into long day care which studies are showing is a much less favourable environment for their critical development than individual in-home care.” - Jolyon